About J.D. Silverwood


J.D. is passionate about stories for young children, especially those which tackle difficult themes with humor or heart, as well as anything with an unexpected or subversive twist at the end.

With dozens of manuscripts in various stages of rejection, J.D. spends most of his days honing his craft by reading, and writing, and reading, and reading, and munching Choco-Tacos while copying funny things observant kids might say about life.


J.D. is an active member of SCBWI, the 12x12 Picture Book Writing Challenge, and Arree Chung's Storybook Academy. While these online communities are super great, he can also be found attending conferences and exchanging critiques with other aspiring writers climbing out of the trenches.

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J.D. tends to be quiet unless he's excited, so please don't tell him funny jokes in the library. Otherwise, have at it. He absolutely loves connecting with readers and writers of all types.